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Installation Guide: Postfix

For Postfix and other *Nix platforms you will need to install the GNU software development tools so that you can build the Message Sniffer software on your platform.

There are many ways to use Message Sniffer with Postfix. Three of the most common are:

* Postfix Filter - The SNFClient utility is called from a script. The default script simply reinjects the scanned message with headers that were injected by SNFServer during the scan. Optionally this script can be modified to take other actions depending upon your needs.

* SpamAssassin Plugin - Use the SNF4SA plugin (included in the *nix distributions) to allow SpamAssassin to call SNFServer directly. With this plugin both the content scan results and IP reputation data can be used to add weights to the SA score.

* SNFMilter - Install the SNFMilter software instead of the SNFClient/SNFServer software. SNFMilter can be configured to perform different actions in Postfix during different parts of the SMTP conversation.

Installation instructions are outlined in text files within each distribution. For example: SNFServer_readme.txt and SNFClient_readme.txt in the SNFClient/SNFServer distribution or INSTALL in the SNFMilter distribution.

Please email with any questions.