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Current Resellers

Below is a list of our current resellers. Please feel free to contact them for more information about purchasing a Message Sniffer subscription through them. (Please note that if you purchase a subscription through a reseller, all communication about your subscription will come through the reseller not ARM.)

Eyenus Solutions
+ 91 982 9333 666
Fastnet SA (MailCleaner)
+41 21 695 2020
Fort Systems Ltd.
Huestel GmbH
+49 821 570 87520
Leaver & Co.
Mail's Best Friend
Microcomputer Specialists
Moda & Rossi LTDA
+55 (19) 3372-9200
Server Side Solutions
Two Nations Consulting Services

Fully Integrated 3rd Party Products

These products include the Message Sniffer engine as part of their installation. You may purchase Message Sniffer subscriptions directly from these vendors at a discount!

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eWall from Server Side Solutions is a programmable gateway for any mail server. It supports major antivirus software as well as various anti-spam techniques (Message Sniffer, SPF, SURBL, DNSBL, Harvester detection, country block and more). Moreover, it can be used to provide the new services to your customers with set of easy configurable filters, API and scripting engine. Freeware add-on EWLSP makes eWall truly transparent for mail server, an invisible guard on the path of spam, scam, viruses, and other junk mail.


Haraka from Matt Sergeant is an SMTP server written in Node.js which uses a plugin architecture to implement most of its functionality. It uses a highly scalable event model to be able to cope with thousands of concurrent connections. The core Haraka framework is capable of processing thousands of messages per second on the right hardware. Haraka can be used either as an inbound SMTP server, and is designed with good anti-spam protections in mind, or it can be used as an outbound mail server - the most common way of doing this is by running it on port 587 with an "auth" plugin to authenticate your users.

Baruwa Enterprise Edition is a fully fledged Mail Security solution, based on best of breed open source software packages. It provides protection from spam, viruses, phishing attempts and malware. Baruwa Enterprise Edition is a proven email security platform for organizations of any since from small to medium businesses to large service providers, carriers and enterprises. Baruwa Enterprise Edition works with any standard SMTP server, is highly accurate, scalable, easy to integrate as well as manage. Automated installation, configuration management tools and an API are provided to ensure the efficient and easy management of the System.


MailCleaner is a professional anti-spam filtering solution that eradicates all undesirable and dangerous e-mail. Unlike other filters, MailCleaner is installed between the Internet and your mail server. It quarantines intrusive messages before they ever reach their destination. MailCleaner offers efficient protection for one or many domains, with no installation required on client PCs.