Becoming a Message Sniffer Technology Partner

The Message Sniffer Partner program is intended for ISPs, Consultants, Developers, and Resellers who wish to bundle Message Sniffer technology with their solutions or incorporate the Message Sniffer engine into their own privately branded products. We offer two different partner programs: Resellers (VARs) and Integrators (OEMs).

We are fully committed to supporting you to help make you a successful partner. Benefits include:

  • Marketing materials to promote Message Sniffer.
  • Free customer support to you and your customers.
  • Wholesale pricing on Message Sniffer rulebase subscriptions.
  • For integrators, proprietary source code license that provides complete source code* for the Message Sniffer utilities under a proprietary (not open source) license.
*Import/Export restrictions apply due to the use of strong encryption in the rule base authentication mechanisms.

Resellers (VAR Program)

Our VAR program is intended for consultants or service providers who install and configure Message Sniffer on MTAs for their customers. It is also for those who want to offer Message Sniffer to customers as an optional add-on, as part of a bundled package, or as part of your consulting work. For example, many of our VARs provide an integrated package of hardware and/or software which includes an Email server and assorted anti-virus and anti-spam software including Message Sniffer.

By participating in our VAR program you receive a discount on rulebase license purchases. Under the VAR program we will work with you to provide support for your customers who use Message Sniffer. Customers may still come to us directly for support of their Message Sniffer component(s) but renewal will go through the VAR, then the VAR will pass these along to us.

Contact us at if you want more information or to sign up for the VAR program.

Integrators (OEM Reseller)

The OEM licensing program is for those who wish to re-brand Message Sniffer and/or integrate the Message Sniffer engine into their own products. Examples might include Anti-Spam appliances or MTA software which use the Message Sniffer engine to provide enhanced filtering.

Participants in the OEM program receive a significant discount on rulebase licensing as well as a private source code license and direct access to our online rulebase management system. Under the OEM program your customers remain yours exclusively and we provide direct support to you.

OEMs with sufficiently large deployments may also receive volume discounts and dedicated services.

Please contact us at if you would like more information or to sign up for the OEM Program.

Systems Integrators/Developers

You can build Message Sniffer technology into your own products through our Open Source licensing or our proprietary OEM and Reseller programs. Please send an email to support for an application package with details on developer resources and embedded reseller licensing.

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