Message Sniffer Subscriptions

The Message Sniffer software is available to download for free. The professionally managed rulebase is provided via subscription and is updated frequently throughout the day (24x7) by analysts and intelligent monitoring systems to keep your systems virutally spam free.

ALL Message Sniffer subscriptions include:
  • Free 30 day Trial
  • All Message Sniffer software updates
  • Rulebase updates multiple times a day with the latest anti-spam rules
  • Full support for your subscription year, including personalized support for tuning and customizing rulebase(s) to fit the needs of your system.
Free 30 Day Trial
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Annual Small Business (SMB) Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Monthly Large Systems OEM & Resellers

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per inst/yr*
Protect your servers today! (*for qualifying systems)
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Protect your servers today! (*for qualifying systems)
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No longer term contract required. Pay on the 5th of every month. Cancel anytime.
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Special pricing and deployment options for systems needing 10 or more SNF instances for their own use.
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Developers who wish to bundle Message Sniffer technology with their solutions their own privately branded products.
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Current Customers:

*How do I qualify for the SOHO or SMB Rate?

During your 30 day free trial, we will be monitoring your telemetry. We will be monitoring your HAM ratio (average number of good messages per day) that your system processes. Based on the numbers we see, we will notify you via email if you qualify for either of the special rates. For current customers, you will be notified in your renewal notices if you qualify for these rates. For questions about these rates, please contact the sales department.

Educational Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations get a 10% discount! Send an email to our billing department for details on how to receive this discount when you are ready to purchase.

More subscription and trial FAQ.

How many subscriptions (authorized license instances) do I need?

You will need one authorized instance for each copy of Message Sniffer you will be running on your equipment. Special provisions can be made for active standby/failover instances provided those instances do not carry production traffic. Note: Backup MTAs usually require their own instance because they actively process production traffic and are a favorite target of spammers!

We can provide additional license IDs in special cases where different rulebase versions are required for different instances. Please contact our support department for details.

We do allow a 30 day a transition period for server migration if we have been notified. Learn More.