Message Sniffer 30 Day Free Trial

Step 1: Sign Up for 30 Day Free Trial!Step 2: Download Software!Step 3: Install Software on Your Server!Step 4: Purchase a Subscription!

The Message Sniffer 30 Day Free Trial Subscription Includes:

  • Free fully functioning subscription with no obligation
  • Try it on as many servers as you want
  • Free installation support
  • Purchase any time without cutting into your free 30 days
  • Personalized support for tuning and customizing rulebase
  • Expires gracefully if you chose not to buy

If your trial request has been accepted, within 24 hours (usually much sooner) you will receive an e-mail with a license ID and authentication code to setup the software on your server and your account will be setup on our system.

Your 30 day free trial is fully functional. When you convert to a full subscription you will not need to change anything on your system. If you decide to purchase before your trial is finished then your subscription will begin after your free trial ends -- so there's no need to wait - your first 30 days are still free!