ALL Message Sniffer subscriptions include:

  • Free 30 day Trial
  • All Message Sniffer software updates
  • Rulebase updates multiple times a day with the latest anti-spam rules
  • Full support for your subscription year, including personalized support for tuning and customizing rulebase(s) to fit the needs of your system.

How many subscriptions (authorized license instances) do I need?

You will need one authorized instance for each copy of Message Sniffer you will be running on your equipment. Special provisions can be made for active standby/failover instances provided those instances do not carry production traffic. Note: Backup MTAs usually require their own instance because they actively process production traffic and are a favorite target of spammers!

We can provide additional license IDs in special cases where different rulebase versions are required for different instances. Please contact our support department for details.