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Installation Guide: SNF SDK Windows (DLL)

This distribution is currently in production in proprietary email filtering service installations. After some upgrades and additional testing we will be releasing this SDK here for everyone to use!

This distribution includes win32 and win64 DLLs that provides direct access to SNF & GBUdb functions. The engine is fully multi-threaded and provides throttling tools to help control the level of concurrency desired (in case the calling application doesn't). The DLL also provides the customary XCI interface and all of the usual SNFServer functions if desired.

The SDK package includes sample code for several popular Windows programming languages. Source code for the DLL is also provided for those who wish to use other compilers (some code tweaking may be required).

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Preview the SDK documentation.
  2. Download the current SDK snapshot from our downloads page.
  3. Contact support@ with any questions.