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Installation Guide: mxGuard + Smartermail

*** Please note that mxGuard is no longer offered by the manufacturer. This doc is here for historical reference. ***

mxGuard is an anti-spam utility designed for Smartermail (and Imail).

mxGuard intercepts each message passing through the mail server and runs a range of tests to determine if the message is "spam". Each of the tests are configured with a numeric value. The results of these tests are tallied up providing a spam score. This score is compared to user-defined thresholds. Message headers are then added to each message so that standard Imail rules can be used to process the message as desired. mxGuard includes built-in hooks to seamlessly integrate Message Sniffer.

The Message Sniffer Installer handles the setup of mxGuard/Imail with SNF.

  1. Please download the Installer from our Downloads page.
  2. Execute the Installer, and follow the SNF Install Tutorial for the Smartermail + MXGuard Install option.
  3. Please email with any questions.