MDaemon Plugin

The SNF plugin for MDaemon works on MDaemon Version 8.00 or later. 

The plugin provides MDaemon with the ability to reject messages during the SMTP session based on IP reputation information from the GBUdb engine and the ability to rapidly scan message content using SNF's pattern matching engine.

Rejection during SMTP:

This feature allows MDaemon to check the IP of a message source using GBUdb's real-time IP reputation statistics. If the IP falls in the truncate range then the message is deleted and the SMTP session is aborted.

This feature is connected through the SMTPMessageFuncName API which is connected to MessageIPFunc@8 in the plugin DLL.

This feature can be turned on or off (on by default) without restarting MDaemon by adjusting the SNF configuration file: snfmdplugin.xml.

        <ip-test on-off='on'/>

Content Scan with GBUdb Assist:

This feature allows MDaemon to scan the message using the SNF scanning engine. SNF will examine the content of the message as well as the apparent message source IP. If the message matches a pattern rule then the result of the scan will match the code provided by the rule that matched. If the message does not match a pattern rule but the IP reputation is sufficiently black then the result of the scan will be the code associated with the GBUdb range of the source IP.

The SNF Engine will inject headers to describe the patterns that matched and the GBUdb information known about the source of the message.

The headers injected by the SNF Engine are intepreted later by MDaemon's implementation of SpamAssassin so that the message can be assigned additional weight based on SNF's findings. MDaemon's content filter rules can also be used to react to the headers injected by SNF.

This feature is connected through the PostMessageFuncName API which is connected to MessageFunct@8 in the plugin DLL.

Plugin Specific Configuration:

In addition to the plugin's anti-spam features, it also registers a configuration editor (notepad by default) so that you can open the snfmdplugin.xml file from the MDaemon menu.

It is possible to configure any editor to open the configuration file with this option (such as your favorite XML editor). This feature can be modified in the snfmdplugin.xml file:

         <configurator command='start notepad' append-path='yes'/> 

Other Configuration Options:

The full range of SNFServer features are provided by the plugin. All of these can be configured in the snfmdplugin.xml file. HOWEVER, some of the default settings are required in order for the plugin to work properly with MDaemon. In particular be careful about modifying <paths/> or <xheaders/>.

For more information on the other features available and how to configure them, please check out the SNFServer documentation.

Adjusting SpamAssassin Weights:

The X- headers injected by the SNF engine are later interpreted by MDaemon's built-in SpamAssassin implementation. The weights for each SNF result code are defined in the file: This is an ordinary SpamAssassin rule file so you can edit the weights associated with each SNF result in the usual way (if you are familiar with SA rule formats).

Please email with any questions.

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