When I try to view the log files in the SNF directory, I get an XML Parsing Error. Why?

Since the logs must be continually appended, SNF does not put the opening and ending document tags on them. However, that is something you can do.

If you wish to convert an SNF XML log file to a proper XML document then you can add the top level element to the top of the file, and append the closure of that element. Then you can open the file without errors in most XML editors. You could even provide a style-sheet in the top of the file to format the log as you would like to see it.

That said---

The XML logs have been designed to be relatively easy for people to read directly with a text editor. If you open the file as text with your favorite programmer's editor or even notepad then you should be able to interpret the log entries as easily as you would the entries in any ordinary text type log file.

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