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Installation Guide: Running SNFServer as a Service

Win* Systems

There are a number of popular utilities that will run SNFServer.exe as a service on Win* platforms. Three of the most popular are FireDaemon, SRVANY (from the Win2003 Resource Toolkit), and XYNTService. Here are some quick instructions for the free options:

While not free, FireDaemon is another option to set up SNF as a service.

* Please note that the Windows Installer for Message Sniffer does automatically install and configure XYNTService.


*nix Systems

On *nix systems the SNFServer.exe program is happy to run as a daemon. The *nix distribution includes a sample control file (snfctrl) that can be edited and linked into /etc/init.d, so that SNFServer will operate like most other *nix services. Note the snfctrl script expects to run SNFServer as a non-privileged user (snfilter) in the /var/spool/snfilter directory -- this is typical of most *nix based SNF installations, but it is not a requirement.

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