This element controls the generation of a Black X-header.

The header will be emitted as written if the scanned message is identified as spam.

<black on-off='off'>X-MessageSniffer-Spam: Yes</black>

on-off='on' turns on the X-Header, on-off='off' turns it off.

X-MessageSniffer-Spam: Yes is the default name and content of the X-header. You can change this text to customize the name or content of the header.

For example, if you are using SNF in front of SpamAssassin (SA) you may want to skip SA processing when SNF detects the message as spam. SpamAssassin generally requires 10 times as much CPU power as SNF.

In a preemptive configuration like this, your scripting would skip SA when SNF detected spam (returned a nonzero value > 10) and you would want SNF to emit a header that simulates the output of SA so that the remaining parts of your system will respond appropriately. Your <black/> entry might look something like this:

<black on-off='on'>X-Spam-Status: Yes</black>

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