This section controls the generation of X- Headers. The SNFMulti engine can produce a number of X- headers and deliver them to the API / XCI, to a file, or it can inject the X- headers if the message has been scanned via the scanMessageFile() API.

When using the SNFServer and SNFClient software or XCI interface, messages are generally scanned via the scanMessageFile() API so X- header injection is an option provided the message file scanned is not discarded.

The X- Headers that are generated by the SNFMulti engine are highly customizable and useful for integrating SNF into message stream processing and debugging filter issues. For example, injecting GBUdb and pattern match information into X- headers can provide valuable information when handling false positive cases - often eliminating the need to search log files.

There are a number of configuration options for the X- Header feature:

  • <output/> - Determines how the X- Headers will be delivered.
  • <version/> - SNF Engine Version X- Header controls.
  • <license/> - SNF License ID X- Header controls.
  • <rulebase/> - SNF Rulebase Version X- Header controls.
  • <identifier/> - Message Identifier X- Header controls.
  • <gbudb/> - GBUdb data X- Header controls.
  • <result/> - Scan result X- Header controls.
  • <matches/> - Scanner match data X- Header controls.
  • <black/> Black scan result X- Header controls.
  • <white/> - White scan result X- Header controls.
  • <clean/>- Clean scan result X- Header controls.
  • <symbol/>- Symbol specific X- Header controls.

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