This element controls the generation of a Clean X-header.

The header will be emitted as written if the scanned message does not match any pattern rules and the IP statistics (if known) fall in the normal range. The scan result code would be zero.

<clean on-off='off'>X-MessageSniffer-Clean: Yes</clean>

on-off='on' turns on the X-Header, on-off='off' turns it off.

X-MessageSniffer-Clean: Yes is the default name and content of the X-header. You can change this text to customize the name or content of the header.

You should use caution when programming your system to respond to any "white" or "clean" headers. These can be forged by blackhats to bypass filtering in your system. It would be a good idea to remove any headers that your filtering system generates when messages enter your system so that any forged headers will be stripped before they can cause you trouble.

This is especially true of white headers since they might be used to allow messages through. This is not usually the case with black headers since there would be no benefit for a black-hat marking their own messages as spam using forged headers and legitimate messages wouldn't contain forged headers.

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