This element controls the generation of X-headers based on scan result codes. Normally scan result codes represent rule groups indicating the most likely type of spam that was detected. Alternatively, the result code might represent a GBUdb range result.

The header will be emitted as written if the scanned message produces the specified result code. For example, the following entry specifies what header would be produced if the result code were zero:

<symbol on-off='off' n='0'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: OK</symbol>

on-off='on' turns on the X-Header, on-off='off' turns it off.

n='0' specifies that this header applies to a scan result code of 0.

X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: OK is the default name and content of the X-header. You can change this text to customize the name or content of the header.

By default, a number of resut codes are identified with <symbol/> entries in the configuration file. By default these are turned off. Here is a typical list:

<symbol on-off='off' n='0'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: OK</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='20'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Truncated</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='40'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Caution</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='63'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Black</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='62'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Obfuscation</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='61'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Abstract</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='60'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: General</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='59'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Casinos-Gambling</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='58'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Debt-Credit</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='57'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Get-Rich</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='56'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Ink-Toner</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='55'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Malware</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='54'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Porn-Dating-Adult</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='53'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Scam-Phishing</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='52'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Snake-Oil</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='51'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Spamware</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='50'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Media-Theft</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='49'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: AV-Push</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='48'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Insurance</symbol>
<symbol on-off='off' n='47'>X-MessageSniffer-SNF-Group: Travel</symbol>

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