About SNFClient

The SNFClient.exe utility provides a command-line interface to the SNFServer engine running on the local system. This is done by converting command line options into XCI requests and converting the XCI responses into text output (to stdout) and a numeric result (error) code.

In Windows command line scripting, you can access the result code immediately after calling the SNFClient utiltiy using %errorlevel%.

In *nix bash scripts, you can access the result code with the expression $? immediately after calling the SNFClient utility.

In general, a 0 result code indicates success and/or not spam. A nonzero result indicates detected spam or in status checking cases an error.

The SNFClient utility can be run in debug mode to show additional information inlcuding the full XCI conversation. In order to run SNFClient in debug mode the word "debug" must appear in the path used to launch the utility. For example you can rename the program to SNFDebugClient.exe or you could run it from a debug subdirectory such as /snfilter/debug/SNFClient.exe.

Please email support@armresearch.com with any questions.