The SNFServer.exe program provides a high-performance server/daemon for message scanning. All requests to the server are handled via TCP localhost, port 9001 using our simple XML based protocol XCI.

Applications can access the SNFServer either directly via TCP or through our SNFClient utility (or both).

The SNFServer does the following:

  • Scans SMTP message files and provides optional X- header injection.
  • Accepts GBUdb queries and updates.
  • Handles GBUdb maintenance and SYNC operations.
  • Provides real-time status data with optional logging by second, minute, and hour.
  • Provides "classic" and / or XML based logging with optional daily log rotation.
  • Provides rulebase update triggering and / or notification.

On Windows based systems, SNFServer is usually run as a service through the use of a service wrapper such as SRVANY, XYNTservice, or FireDaemon (to name a few). It can also be run from the command line for debugging purposes and during initial setup.

On *nix based systems SNFServer is usually happy to run detached as a daemon. An appropriate control script example is provided in the source distribution.

It is also ok to run SNFServer as a child process - though interprocess communications must still occur primarily via XCI.

SNFServer is configured using 3 files:

Please email with any questions.