Webmail Policy

Message Sniffer is designed to run on an email server or on a filtering device in front of email servers. It does not run on a personal computer to check messages from your inbox. Instead, Message Sniffer is designed to run at the server level of an Internet Service Provider, or (typically) at the mail server for a business or other organization where it can filter out bad messages before they get to any inboxes.

In order to use Message Sniffer properly, you must be running your own email server or email gateway server. That server would be responsible for accepting messages for your Internet Domain Name.

Our policy is designed to make sure that you will be running Message Sniffer on an email server or an email gateway for filtering spam and that you are the person in authority to install Message Sniffer and make changes to that email server. Thus, the email address you provide needs to be on the server that will be using Message Sniffer. We will NOT fill orders with email addresses from hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.

We normally expect that an email administrator or a consultant or technician in charge of an email server would be able to provide us with their email address on that server - or, if they are an external consultant, their business email address (typically not an email address on a public email service). If none of those are possible, we would expect this person to be able to tell us the domains processed by the email server where they will be using Message Sniffer and their relationship to that server and/or the folks who own and operate it.

We do this so that we can be sure Message Sniffer will be used properly and only by folks who are authorized and qualified to install it.