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Installation Guide: MDaemon Plugin

Use this guide to assist in a fresh install of the MDaemon Plugin, or an upgrade to V3.0.

  1. Download the SNF_CS_Installer.exe from the Downloads page.
  2. Execute the Installer, and follow the SNF Install Tutorial for the MDaemon Install option.
  3. Either have the Installer restart MDaemon, or restart MDaemon at your convienence.

The Technical Summary lists the files that will be placed in the folder you designate for installation as well as the additional files the Installer will be required to touch. The Installer will restart the MDaemon service if you let it.

This version of the Installer uses Curl as the transport mechanism for the rulebase update feature. If you are updating to v3.0, you should either discontinue your current mechanism, or set the rulebase update feature to off. (We strongly recommend migrating to the Curl platform since it explicitly handles the server-file, local-file time stamp conflict.)

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Sniffer, the SNF_CS_Installer.exe will duplicate copies of any original files which have the same name as a file in the new version, and store them in a folder called SNFRollback (specifically, the MDaemon Plugins.dat file reference and any original .dll files, etc.). If you need to rollback your upgrade for any reason, you may execute the Installer again, browse to your install location, and select Uninstall. The SNF_CS_Installer will work through the rollback file, remove any files belonging only to the new version and return the original files to their proper locations.

For more information about the software for the MDaemon Plugin, please visit the Documentation.


Technical Summary

Requires Basic Sniffer Install:

  • Use the SNF_CS_Installer. Select MDaemon Plugin Option
  • Complete the system install which installs a subset of the base sniffer files:
    • All Curl files (Curl.exe, CurlMANUEL.rtf, CURLReadme.rtf)
    • InstallInstructions_MDaemon.txt (for manual install or double check)
    • Installer Files (Restorer.exe, uninstall.exe, LocalRoot.txt, shortcuts.xml)
    • MDaemon Plugin Files (snfmdplugin.dll, snfmdplugin.xml)
    • SNF Files (SNFClient.exe, SNFClient_readme.txt, **License**.snf)
    • Required Files (identity.xml, getRulebase.cmd, snf2check.exe, mingwm10.dll)
    • AuthenticationProtocol.swf
    • ChangeLog.txt
    • GBUdbIgnorelist.txt
    • InstallInstructionsMDaemon.txt
    • License.txt
    • The SNFRollback folder, at the root level w/ Archive_rllbck.log and some duplicate files.
  • Usual location will be in ~MDaemon\SNF folder, but it can be installed at the user's discretion. No unusual edits to the SNF install are required.
  • Refer to Installer tutorial to confirm settings for rulebase download if other than default. (Automatic is the default for Installer.)
  • Refer to SNF Documentation for info on setting custom header injection. (Requires edit of snf_engine.xml)

In addition to installing Sniffer, the Installer will have done the following:

Added a Plugin Reference:

Installer edits the MDaemonRoot\App\plugins.dat

  • Adds-to or creates the file as necessary.
  • Inserts, removes or edits the [plugin section] titled [SNF]
  • Defines the path to the Sniffer DLL.
  • Data Format: Text Manually Editable: YES, with ease.

Adds the SA definition

Installer inserts the file: ~MDaemon\SpamAssassin\rules\

  • Installation inserts the file.