All submitted messages are reviewed by some combination of human and/or automated systems. We do our best to create rules that will filter all submitted spam and malware without creating false positives. If you have submitted spam through normal channels and it keeps getting through; or if you require a response about a particular spam; or if you want to add special black rules to your rulebase; then those cases are handled differently.

For spam submissions, please send an email from your registered address or alias to (NOTE: messages sent to support@ will be filtered out and not seen.)

The following are a prioritized list of how to forward spam to us:

  • The best way we can get spam submitted to us is from a redirected spam trap. If you have one or more of these then please let us know and we'll set up a special collection point where you can redirect these messages.
  • The second best thing you can do is to redirect the message to spam@.
  • The next thing, and most common, is to simply forward (see below) the message to us at spam@ in as much the original form as possible. Some email clients forward messages more or less intact,... others tend to completely rewrite and/or "defang" messages that are forwarded. The former is preferred.
  • The last option you have is to include it as an message attachment but only one message at a time please, and if possible please include the original headers. We don't always use these since most submissions to spam@ are suspect, but if we do dig deeper on a particular submission then the extra detail can be very useful.

For more information about Spam Submission, see the following sections: