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Spam Help

Chronic Spam/Special Black Rules

Chronic Spam:

If you have submitted a particular spam through regular channels and it is still getting past SNF, then you can send us a sample of that message in a special support request:

Special Black Rules:

The rules we put into our core rulebase are generally accepted by all SNF systems. However, some systems have different policies that can afford to be more strict. For example, we have one system that has asked us to block any message that contains "the F word". Other systems have asked for special black rules to block specific character sets or any message that appears to be bulk mail of any kind.

We do not offer general switches for enabling this kind of filtering at this time but we do provide customization services. If you would like to add special black rules to support your system policies then please send a note to us at and tell us what you would like to block. Please do not include spam or fragments of spam in your message or it will be filtered out before we can see it. If you need to send us a sample then please ZIP the sample and attach it to your message as described above.

We will work with you to customize your rulebase so that it supports your system policy.