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Spam Help

All submitted messages are reviewed by some combination of human and/or automated systems. We do our best to create rules that will filter all submitted spam and malware without creating false positives. If you have submitted spam through normal channels and it keeps getting through; or if you require a response about a particular spam; or if you want to add special black rules to your rulebase; then those cases are handled differently.

All spam submissions are treated anonymously. We do not respond to individuals submitting spam and we generally do not attempt to discover nor recognize how the spam was submitted except to apply guidelines that help to improve accuracy. For example, we treat spam submitted by people differently than spam that was submitted through entirely automated (predictable) means.

We may not add rules for some spam that is submitted through normal channels. We will not add rules to the core rulebase:

We may (but usually do not) attempt to unsubscribe the recipient in some cases.

Use the links below to help answer your spam questions.