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Spam Help

Spam Submissions

Please send an email from your registered address or alias to (NOTE: messages sent to support@ will be filtered out and not seen.)

The following are a prioritized list of how to forward spam to us:

Forwarding Spam:

To submit spam to us for filtering is to simply forward the unwanted message to This is fine for occasional submission by you and/or your staff. Please do not instruct your users to submit spam to this address directly. If you wish to do something like that then your best option would be to set up a UserTrap. If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to set up a pop3 UserTrap, then you can set up an alias on your system where your users can forward their spam and then have that alias redirect those messages to our spam@ address.

Technical Issues / Submission Format:

We are sometimes asked about the best format for submitting spam. Here are some guidelines:

When in doubt it is usually ok to simply foward spam to our address.