Can Message Sniffer inject headers?

Yes! One of SNF's key features is the ability to inject message headers with most integrations. The headers can be customized and are useful not only for post-scan processing but also for research in any FP handling that might be necessary.

Information on configuring the X-Headers can be found in the Documentation section.

The "black" X- header is injected only when SNF marks the message as spam (any non-zero result that is not configured as a "white result"). You can configure this X- Header to say anything you like. By default it is:

X-MessageSniffer-Spam: Yes

However -- since that doesn't provide very much sophistication with regard to weighting, you might also consider configuring specific headers for different result codes.


With this feature you can specify a different X- Header to inject for each result code. This way you can later process messages with different weights depending upon what SNF found. For example some systems have used this to simulate the pseudo-bar-graph methodology by configuring X- Headers like:

X-SpamWeight: X
X-SpamWeight: XX
X-SpamWeight: XXXXX

SNF doesn't care how these are configured -- it will emit whatever you like under the conditions specified.

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