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Installation Guide: SNF4CGP

Message Sniffer plugin for CommuniGate Pro Mail Servers.
Each distribution contains CGP plugin installation Documentation.
Download the appropriate distribution for your system from our Downloads page.

SNF4CGP integrates with CommuniGate as a standard addon and fully implements the CommuniGate plugin specification. In addition, SNF4CGP has been designed to provide as much flexibility as possible based on our work with other customers who use CommuniGate in their online filtering services or in their corporate networks. As such, the SNF4CGP plugin is not only a great filtering option for CommuniGate but it also provides a solid base for highly customized filtering solutions.

Note that in addition to the binary distributions usually found for CommuniGate plugins, we also provide a source code distribution that can be used to compile CGPSNF for platforms where we do not provide binary distributions. Use the GNU g++ compiler or MinGW (that's what we do).

SNF4CGP (CGPSNF) does everything a typical CommuniGate filter plugin does and a bit more.

In addition to providing X- headers that can be used with filter rules, CGPSNF can also be configured to take any of these actions (configurable by result code, of course):

Configurable Actions
Allow This is the typical CommuniGate plugin response. CGPSNF will provide X- headers as configured in snf_engine.xml. The X- headers can be used to trigger CGP message processing rules.
Bypass This action bypasses SNF4CGP -- the message has been scanned and logged, but CGP is not provided with headers and no additional action is taken.
Delete This action tells CGP to discard the message.
Hold This action takes the message as it was provided by CGP, injects the SNF headers, and then puts that message in a folder of your choice for later processing. CGP is told to discard the message. This is a great hook to use if you are a service provider and you want to build sophisticated quarantine and/or policy review processes.
Reject This action tells CGP to reject the message with the provided reason.

CGPSNF can also be configured to add it's log entries to the CGP log for easy review -- even if the log is not stored as a file by SNF. To turn off log file generation while allowing SNF4CGP to provide log entries to the CommuniGate log use mode='api'. This works for both XML or Classic log entries.

Also -- just like SNFServer, the XCI interface is provided so you can use SNFClient for GBUdb manipulation or "out of band" message scanning.

The full SNFServer engine is in place whenever the CGPSNF plugin is active.

As always - there is no need to restart SNF after making changes to the configuration -- so you can change these options on the fly as needed.

If you have any questions please let us know.