A registered rulebase can be customized in almost any way. This includes white listing, black listing, rule strength tuning, etc. If you have any customizations you want done to your rulebase please contact us at

Most customization happens automatically as part of our ongoing development or other quality control processes.

1. False Positive Reports: One way we would customize your rulebase is if you were to submit a false positive report. We would be able to remove or adjust for any rules that cause you false positives.

2. We can also add any rules that you request directly.

3. Chronic Spam Submission: If you have a chronic spam that continues to get through even though you submit your spam to, then you can contact us about it on our address and we will work with you to create a custom rule for your system, or to debug the reasons why there are no rules in the core rulebase.

4. Rule Strength Tuning: Another way to customize your rulebase is to adjust the rule strength (how sensitive your rulebase is). If you would like this done, please send a note to the support@ address.

5. GBUdbIgnoreList.txt: This is safety net that ensures IPs that are part of your infrastructure (such as eMail gateways and peer mail servers) are always listed in the GBUdb ingore list.

6. GBUdb Training: The gbudb section controls the maintenance, training, and operation of the GBUdb engine.

At any time you can request the addition of any rules you specify for your rulebase.

Another way to help with customization of the system is by submitting spam. You can submit spam that gets through to our spam@ address or preferably by setting up pop3 boxes for our bots to collect. While these submissions will not be applied specifically to your rulebase as a general rule, we will code rules for those messages to ensure that they will be filtered - that is, unless we cannot safely add those rules to the core rulebase.